Jun 212015

Kellogg's Family Rewards (KFR) (#KFRbonus) logoKellogg’s Family Rewards (KFR) (#KFRbonus #KFR @KFR) has bonus codes expiring today and tomorrow. There are also new bonus codes for Father’s Day and the first day of summer—both of which are today! See these and more info below.

Bonus codes (one entry per account):

  • ONENATIONONEFLAG – 25 points (expires 6/21/15) (ends today!)
  • FREEBONUSFROMKFR – 100 points (expires 6/22/15) (ends tomorrow!)
  • SITBACKANDUNWIND – 25 points (expires 6/28/15)
  • KFRBONUS4MEMBERS – 100 points (expiration unknown)

Still available through Tue 6/23/15: Get Almond Breeze for 99 cents at Gerbes!

Our Rewards Programs page has been updated for the new KFR program, including the following:

  • How the new program works overview
  • KFR links
  • Bonus point codes (if you find one of these is expired, please let me know…thanks!)
  • Rewards highlights

We also have a page of Expired KFR Codes, that you can check your code against.

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$1.00 off Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk
$1.00 off any three CHOBANI FLIP Greek Yogurt
$1.00 off Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk$1.00 off any three CHOBANI FLIP Greek Yogurt

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