Apr 172015

Friday Freebie - Hershey's chocolate bar - SavingStarSavingStar is celebrating their fourth anniversary by offering a free Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar (1.55 oz) when you sign in to SavingStar and load the deal to your account! Expires 4/19/2015. If you do not already have an account, it is free and simple to set up. Get get this deal: * Click here and sign in or sign up. * Select the offer(s) of interest. * If you have not set up your stores, click on My Account, and then the Stores tab to select your stores. * Make the purchase matching the offer from one of your stores—use your store rewards card if applicable or scan your receipt after purchase to be reimbursed on your account (in this case, for the price of the Hershey’s bar). * Note: You can upload the receipt through the phone app OR you can scan and submit online. * You can cash out with a balance as little as $5! SavingStar has a new healthy offer (fruits / vegetables) every Tuesday and a freebie every Friday, in addition to other great offers. Sign in / sign up today and get your savings!

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