Feb 142015

Through February 16, TurboTax is offering $0 State filing with Absolute Zero! There are no hidden additional costs, and TurboTax guarantees getting your maximum tax refund.

H&R Block charges $9.99 and TaxAct charges $14.99 for state filing.

What does $0 Fed $0 State $0 To File really mean? It means you pay absolutely nothing to file your taxes—from start to finish.

With Absolute Zero, you get last year’s popular Federal Free Edition with even more new free features. So, in addition to not paying for super-easy state and federal prep, there is no charge for any of these features:

  • Claim the Earned Income Credit ($2,300 2013 IRS average) – $0
  • Cover any Affordable Care Act forms – $0
  • Find possible government benefits up to $2,000 – $0
  • Get a head start by importing your W-2 – $0
  • Have expert product and audit support – $0
  • TOTAL = $0

With Absolute Zero, millions of hard-working Americans file their 1040EZ or 1040A for free with Federal Free Edition. No tax knowledge needed!

You have nothing to lose…get started today!

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