Jan 282015

CoffeeSock Reusable Coffee Filters
First, a little background: I have been searching for a reusable coffee filter for awhile now, and was having difficulty finding something on the market. I especially wanted organic cotton, because I really do not want all the chemicals used in cotton production being added to my coffee (or tea).

Recently, I was adding points to my Recyclebank rewards account (and learning cool new environmental tips and info), when I read an article about CoffeeSock. It is a coffee/tea filter made from organic cotton, made in the USA, easy care, saves money over disposable filters, and puts less trash in the world. (Plus, do you really know what is in the paper fiber in your disposable filter?) What’s not to love! So I checked the Recyclebank rewards catalog, and while the price was not bad, the most you can reduce the $5 shipping fee is by $3 by applying your points. I checked online to see if CoffeeSock was offered anywhere else, and it is! First, the filters are more expensive on Amazon, even without paying shipping, so that was out. I checked a few more links and found Cuppow! This company is fabulous! They care about the environment and offering products without toxins (including BPA-free plastic and organic cotton), and their products are made in the USA! Okay, so what about the price? It was about the same as Recyclebank, but with free first class shipping! (I received mine in a few days after ordering.)

They make filters for use in Mason jars, Hario, Chemex, and coffeemaker cones and baskets—any format you need (some images below). For most formats, you get two filters for $12.95 (the Mason jar filters have some different prices), and the filters should last nine months to a year! So, you would pay about $6.50 for a year’s worth of filters! That is a lot cheaper than using disposable filters. Before first use, all you do is boil your filter for about 10 minutes. Cleanup is easy: Just rinse the filter after each use and squeeze out the excess water! I keep mine handy in a dish where it air dries; alternately, I know a local coffee shop that puts their reusable filters in the fridge between uses. (And no, they do not have a resource for organic filters for home use—I checked : )

I have been using my CoffeeSock for a couple of weeks now, and I love it! My coffee seems smoother, and tastes great! The filters will work for loose tea also, but I have not tried that yet.

It gets even better! If you use this link, you get a code for a $2 coupon to use at Cuppow. If you brew your own coffee or tea, do not wait any longer to get your CoffeeSock!

CoffeeSock #2 Cone FilterCoffeeSock Hario V60 FilterCoffeeSock Basket Filter

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