Oct 312014

Starbucks LogoWant free coffee at Starbucks? With rewards programs, you can! The following programs have Starbucks eGift Cards as rewards. (There are other rewards programs with Starbucks eGift Cards. Feel free to add any you use in the comments.)

  • Choose a rewards program (or use both):
    • Kellogg’s Family Rewards (KFR) – $5 card=7,000 points (previously 6,600 points). The eGift Card is back on the rewards catalog—at a new higher point level, but at least it is available again!
    • Bing Rewards – $5 card=525 points, or 475 points at gold level. Now is a great time to get points: Double point Mondays and weekends have been added recently! Build the searches in your daily habit, both mobile and desktop, along with extra points on your dashboard, and the point will add up.
    • More details on Bing and KFR on our Rewards Programs page
  • Accumulate enough points for your Starbucks eGift Card.
  • If you do not already have a MyStarbucks Rewards account, get one here (and get a free drink), or create an account when you redeem your Starbucks eGift Card. With the gift card on your rewards account, you also get a free drink/food item on your birthday, and more benefits as you reach green and gold levels. If you maintain a gift card number/account with a balance, you have the convenience of reloading the card. If you use a smartphone, you can just show your code on the phone to pay. My husband and I each have cards with rewards accounts, and we use the Google Passbook phone app to easily switch between accounts. Another tip: Ring up each drink/food purchase as a separate transaction. Then you will earn a star for each item, rather than one star for all the items.

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