Oct 292014

Free Rosetta Stone language learning demoThe free Rosetta Stone demo for learning a foreign language is available for signup through October 31, 2014. This is a great opportunity for learning a foreign language—for education/homeschooling, or just for fun!

To sign up, click on the image or this link; select a language: American English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish (Latin America); then enter your email address and click the button to get started. You will see a video with more info and a brief demonstration of how the product works, so you can try it now. After practicing with the video, you go to the Website offering the series for your chosen language, levels 1-5, for half price. After going through the demo, you will also get an email—once you click the link in the email, you can get another $20 off the price for a limited time. The program is available in CD, online download, or subscription formats.

If you want to learn or improve on language learning, this is a great deal, with no obligation to check it out! Enjoy!

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