Oct 212014

This week’s free Shutterstock images are available now (instructions below if needed). Also, check out the 35 free, fun Halloween icons from Icons Mind, via the Iconfinder blog.


Every week, a new photo and vector image are offered for free download.
* At the above link, create a free account, or log in if you already have an account.
* Go to (almost) the bottom of the home page. In the New + Noteworthy section, the far right image is the Free Photo of the Week. Click on the image to access the download. You have to agree to the Standard License in their Terms of Service, so if you have any questions about acceptable use for the image, read that first. Then you can press the button to Get the Free Image.
* To access the free vector image, go back to the home page (you can click the Shutterstock logo near the top left corner). Go back to the bottom of the page where the free photo is located. Then hover your cursor to the right of the image and you will see an arrow to continue the menu to the right. The next image is the Free Vector of the Week. Follow the same process to get the vector.
* Every week the images are replaced with new ones.

You can purchase more icons from Icons Mind:

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