Oct 102014

The Art Nouveau Style - Dover PublicationsToday only, with a $50 minimum order of Dover books, you can get free shipping and then take $20 off your order with Coupon Code FALL2 —$20 off $50 is a 40% discount! All books are eligible for this discount, and you can stretch this deal by shopping the sale books, and if you choose clip art or similar books with a bonus CD, you get content that you do not have to scan.

For example, I put the following sale books on the cart:

  • The Art Nouveau Style: A Comprehensive Guide with 264 Illustrations   (~500 pages) – $20.96
  • Old-Fashioned Floral Designs CD-ROM and Book  – $10.47
  • Owen Jones’ Chinese Ornament CD-ROM and Book   – $11.48
  • Calligraphic Ornaments CD-ROM and Book  – $6.78
  • Art Nouveau Motifs CD-ROM and Book  – $8.97

These total $58.66. Then I selected the free shipping option (be sure to do this first!). Then I applied the Coupon Code FALL2 for a final total of $38.66 for 5 great books!

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