Aug 092014

Starbucks Treat Receipt: Through August 17, if you buy anything from a participating Starbucks store in the morning (technically, prior to 1:59 pm) and save your receipt, you can bring the receipt to a participating Starbucks store after 2 pm on the same day and get a Grande (16 fl oz) cold beverage for only $2 (plus tax). (This offer cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Receipt cannot be transferred, sold, or reproduced.) Note: In my experience, independent store locations will generally participate in Starbucks promotions, and kiosks or Starbucks located inside other businesses do not. Be sure to sign up and use Starbucks Rewards to get more rewards, including a free beverage or food item on your birthday, and after getting 5 stars, you get free refills on brewed coffee or tea!


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