Jun 122014

Groupon has one day left on a new deal: Pay $5 and get a $10 Starbucks eGift Card.

Want to make the deal even sweeter? Add any of the following steps:

  • If you participate in the Bing Rewards or My Coke Rewards programs, and have enough points, you can get the Starbucks eGift Card for free.
    • Bing Rewards has a $5 Groupon eGift Card for 523 credits/points (gold level is 470 credits).
    • My Coke Rewards has a $10 Groupon eGift Card for 710 points.
    • Apply the eGift card to your Groupon account (go to More in the Groupon footer menu, and choose Gift Cards) before using Ebates.
  • Login or get an Ebates account (online rebates for purchases). Click here to create an account or login.
    • From the Ebates home page, click on the Groupon link or use the search box to find the Groupon deals for your area. Then get a 6% rebate on the purchase price.

Enjoy your coffee!

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